About Dr. Varas

Brianna R.Varas, MD, FAAP

Dr. Brianna R. Varas was born in North Carolina and raised in Miami. She graduated from Epiphany Catholic School and Our Lady of Lourdes Academy. Initially attending New York University to major in Art, she returned to Miami to study medicine and began to work for her father, the Director of Transplant Pathology at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Varas completed her undergraduate education at the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science degree and graduated Cum Laude. Dr. Varas attended medical school at the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine and subsequently completed her residency in Pediatrics at Miami Children’s Hospital, now known as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

During Dr. Varas’ residency she was chosen by her peers all 3 years as Class Representative. She represented her colleagues in all important Hospital matters. After completing her residency, Dr. Varas joined Sunset Pediatrics. Her primary interests are that of childhood development, nutrition, early intervention, and anticipatory guidance.

Partnering with Sunset Pediatrics, Dr. Varas hopes to alleviate any anxiety parents may have while dealing with their child’s health –not only taking care of medical problems but also taking care of families as a whole.

During medical school, Dr. Varas began traveling to Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, and Haiti to perform medical mission work, something she continues to be actively involved in today.

Dr. Varas recently embarked on another life-changing journey, that of being a mother. She enjoys spending time with her two young sons Angelo and Nicolas as well as with her husband Manny Varas.